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Anthony and Maxime, Erasmus students in Sligo, Ireland

Bachelor in Marketing and Communication

During our second semester in the SME-SMI Management Assistant BTS diploma course, Anthony and I had the idea of continuing our studies abroad to improve and expand our language skills. We both chose Sligo, a little town in Ireland, as the destination for our year in the Bachelor's course.

Sligo, with its popolation of 20,000 is situated on the north-western coast of Ireland and is famous for its poet, Yeats, its first-division football team, its surfing beaches, and its university.

Each year, the University (An Institiuid Teicneolaiochta, Sligeach in Irish) hosts 7000 students from all over the world (Thailand, Canada, Brazil, Qatar, etc.). The Institute of Technology Sligo is a modern university with a big library, a gymnasium (sports hall, fitness room), an athletics track, a synthetic football pitch, and high-quality courses taught in the language of Shakespeare. This university offers a very p easant lifing environment, with many conveniently-located university residences.

We had a fun-filled year,  meeting other international students, touring Ireland, and celebrating Saint Patrick's day in Dubln !

We would recommend this destination 200% , and we are honest folk from Toulouse, so you can take our word for it !

Anthony and Maxime