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The Institut Limayrac is a private institution of higher education consisting of :

- Two secondary technical schools in contractual association with the state (the national department  for education)
- One centre of continuing education (professional education for wage-earning students),
- One international department (international relations)

The Institut Limayrac prepares students for various examinations (A level + 2 ; A level + 3 ; A level + 4) :

- BAC + 2: (BTS –A level + 2)
- BAC + 3 : (Bachelor in Tourism/Bachelor in Business, Master 1 in Tourism, Master 1 in Business, DECF, one year of supplementary education in dietetics,, ESF counsellor diploma, international education programs)( A level + 3)
- BAC + 4 (A level + 4: DECF).

The activity is situated:

- In the health and social sector, with social and family economics (ESF) and dietetics.
- In the tertiary section with tourism, accountancy management, management assistant (for small and medium sized firms)
- In the industrial section with industrial computer science.

The institute trains more than 670 students and more than 600 trainees for the following diplomas and education programs :

a- The initial education programs

BTS (A level + 2) – The BTS (Brevet de Technicien Supérieur)  is a national diploma

- Higher technician diploma in industrial computer science (BTS II),
- Higher technician diploma in social and family economics (BTS ESF),
- Higher technician diploma in accounting management (BTS CG),
- Higher technician diploma in local tourist organisation and administration (AGTL)
- Higher technician diploma in tourist production and sales (VPT)
- Higher technician diploma in “business assistant in small and medium sized companies” (BTS AG PME-PMI),
- Higher technician diploma in dietetics (BTS Diet),
- Higher technician preparation school (dietetics or social and family economics),
- Preparation for the competitive examination for paramedical professions (CPTS S- Preparatory classes for technicians specialised in

- ESF counsellor diploma ;  one year of supplementary education in dietetics ;  Accounting and finance diploma (Diplôme d’Etudes)

- Higher accounting and finance diploma (Diplôme d’Etudes) DESCF).

b- The permanent education programs

Preparatory classes (social careers, speech therapist, nurse)
Social carreers
Tertiary education programs

c- The international department

The main objectives of the International Department are :

    European programs :  Erasmus

1- Student mobility
2- Teacher mobility
3- Dealing with the different Socrates/Erasmus files

    Studying further abroad with

- The University of Wolverhamton (England)
- Galway Mayo Institute (Ireland)
- The University of Deusto (Spain)
- Universidad de Gerona (Spain)
Training abroad for BTS students

    Language diplomas :

- TOEIC : Test of English for International Communication : English language used for business, trade and industry