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Outgoing mobility

Through the many exchange agreements signed between Institut Limayrac and its international university partners, students may study abroad in the second or third year of the Institut Limayrac programme for a period from 3 months to 1 whole academic year.
Students are fully registered and welcome at the host institution. Work successfully completed abroad is fully accredited by Institut Limayrac through a system of credit transfer (Institut Limayrac has adopted the ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) for all its exchange programmes within Europe).

Students interested in studying abroad apply to the International Department during the year before departure. The destinations are determined according to the following criteria : motivation, adaptability, level of competence in language of the host university and scholastic average.

During the period spent abroad, students remain administratively attached to the Institut Limayac but also benefit from the student status at the host institution. No additional tuition fees are required at the host school.

Student mobility scholarships are available through the European Union Socrates Programme under certain conditions for students studying in Europe.